Satellite Based Dams Volume Calculator (SBDVC)

The SBDVC is a web-based application that the national coverage, monthly surface water extent (area) and dam water volume information mentioned above.

The National Water Quantity (NWQ) information provided to the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) is generated using pre-existing data modelling procedures developed and operationalized jointly by GEOTERRAIMAGE SA ( and EKOSOURCE (

As such all Intellectual Property rights associated with these algorithms, models and methods remain at all times with GEOTERRAIMAGE SA and EKOSOURCE.

The NWQ information is generated monthly, and provides information on surface water extent (area) and dam water volume. The monthly information is provided in several GIS compatible spatial data formats and as associated tabulated (spreadsheet) information, namely:

  • spatial and numeric data on total surface water location and extent
  • spatial and numeric data on individual man-made dam volumes
  • spatial and numeric data on summarised total dam volumes per quaternary catchment for the category 2,3 and 4 dams (Category 1 which are large dams are reported individually as they often cross several quaternary catchments)